The Lowest Pair

"Now, first thing is to say this:
Much further out than inevitable,
Halloween's thy game.
Sky King has come and Wilma's done,
Uncertain as it is uneven.
Give us today hors d'oeuvres in bed,
As we forgive those who have dressed up against us.
And need us not enter inflation,
butter, liver, onions, and potatoes.
For wine is a shingle, and a Moore,
and a story for your Father.
-John Hartford

The Lowest Pair is a quirky, old-time roots influenced duet, featuring the high lonesome harmonies of banjo pickin'  songsters Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee.  They perform both traditional and original music, often nestling-in somewhere between.  With their city folk front and back porch sentiment, this new, sweet, and powerful duo are turning heads across the country.  

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